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The Bright and Right Alternative. As one of the leading solar EPC companies, customer satisfaction is our top priority, let it be Solar parks, Single axis trackers, Ground mounts, etc.


We offer everything you need for your wind project. From providing technical guidance to Design, EPC and O&M

Technical Services

InSolare has the best and most renowned technical team, to provide you with the best technical guidance and solutions.


InSolare Energy provides a comprehensive range of storage services to meet various energy needs, with expertise in both on-grid and off-grid systems tailored to both residential and commercial applications.

Green Hydrogen

InSolare plays a vital role in helping you with your journey towards a net-zero carbon economy, offering a pathway to a sustainable and greener future by combining the benefits of solar power, wind power, and green hydrogen.

Solar Park

InSolare has over 500 Mwp installed capacity of solar parks. The presence of these parks is in the states, of Karnataka, Maharashtra, UP, and Gujarat.

Wind Micro-Siting

One of the key services provided by InSolare Energy is Wind Micro-Siting. This Involves the detailed analysis of potential wind farm sites

Technology Advisory Services (TAS)

InSolare Offers Technology Advisory Services (TAS) to provide clients with a comprehensive understanding of the technology landscape

InSolare On-Grid Storage Services

Designing Storage Systems for on-grid applications requires a careful analysis of energy demand patterns and grid requirements.

What Is Green Hydrogen?

Green Hydrogen is generated by harnessing the power of renewable sources, like solar, wind, or hydroelectricity.

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Technology & Business Innovation Award” at the NET-ZERO ENERGY LEADERSHIP AWARDS 2023.

Col. Pravir Mishra, COO - InSolare Energy Pvt. Ltd.

“Solar Acumen of the Year” award at the SOLARQUARTER BUSINESS MEET AWARDS 2022- KARNATAKA.

Col. Gopal Chandra Samanta, Director, Projects and Operations, InSolare Energy Pvt. Ltd.

“Solar System Integrator of the Year” award from the solar quarter at their State Leadership Awards, Gujarat 2022.

“Emerging Leader of the Year” award at the SOLARQUARTER BUSINESS MEET AWARDS 2022- KARNATAKA.

Mr. Pratik Bhatt, Business Head, InSolare Energy Pvt. Ltd.

“Solar System Integrator Of The Year” award at the SOLARQUARTER STATE LEADERSHIP AWARDS 2022- GUJARAT.

Dipak Kumar Patel, InSolare Energy Pvt. Ltd.


Mr. Navashil Sharma, CEO, InSolare Energy Pvt. Ltd.


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